Currently I have nothing for sale. But as I do have, I’ll post it here, hopefully for it to find a nice new home. Most of what I’m making lately is already spoken for, but there are a couple of projects on line that might eventually find their way here.

I accept PayPal at dclarsen AT mchsi DOT com and personal checks - or bullion. I love silver bullion and will happily trade for silver or gold anytime. Seriously. If you have a stack of precious metal and would like to trade for anything you find here I’m always open to that. Just sayin.

My shipping policy is simple: I charge my actual shipping cost plus a couple bucks, depending, for packaging. I reuse packaging as much as possible, so that may not even affect your shipping price. I don’t make any money on shipping my stuff to you.

Thanks for looking and stop back by once in a while; you never know when I might decide to sell something I have, or make something unexpected. I love making stuff.