There’s no denying it: I really dig stuff, all the cool physical objects of our world.  Never had enough and never been able to see enough, cool stuff.  And I’ve forever been unwilling to pay money for anything that I might make myself.  So that’s what I do. 

More knives have come out of my little work space than any other class of metalwork.  But sometimes I like to make things like jigs, jewelry and armor, and get into collaborations on objects like armillary, rayguns and of course, knives.  Check the galleries for photos of stuff I’ve made or been involved in.

I no longer take orders; there are just too many projects burning in my brain for me to do the same work over again. But there are occasionally a few knives on the Available page, and as I complete projects I’ll add them there.

Your communication is welcome.  Thanks for your interest and consideration.